We did not buy Ibi, we bought a NAS


iOS My Cloud Home just got update to 3.8.0 and new features are again related to the crappy photos features. It feels like WD is trying to turn our My Cloud Home into San Disk Ibi that is dedicated to photographs.

Why is all that? When will we get useful features? When will WD share its roadmap and take into account our requests?

Well, not really … to quote from WD Staff comparing the My Cloud Home to a My Cloud

The two products couldn’t be more different. The older My Cloud drives are more like traditional NAS’s while the My Cloud Home is something new.

So, reading that, if the My Cloud Home was not designed to function like a traditional NAS … i don’t think there will be any updates to make it one.

I have seen a number of remarks on here about how we should not expect the mycloudhome to do things it was not designed to do but there is NO indication on the packaging (nor as it would seem, in the info given to retail staff) that it is anything other than a NAS that is geared towards mobiles.

If it had been clear that I would have no control over its functions - not even as the owner of the device - or even a hint as to the limitations of those, then I would have realised I was not the target market and woulld have bought something more appropriate.

Also, the box says it works on android 4.4+ but there is no app available (4.4.2) so I have to use the browser interface and this doesn’t have the same functionality.
There is no app officially available for my android 7 device (not sure if that is because it is too old or the wrong hardware) so I had to get an older ‘not optimised for device’ version of the app elsewhere and hope it doesn’t get obsoleted by some undeclared tweak.
There’s also my favourite gripe about it needing 2GB on the system drive (on a win7 box anyway) which isn’t mentioned anywhere. For some of us that’s a lot to just vanish.

But back to the main point - if you market something as a toaster then people have expectations that it will act like a toaster with all the normal functions of a toaster and that is where this falls short.

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