WDTVLIVEPLUS as a server

Just picked up a WDTVLP along with a 3t WD drive. I also have a 2T NAS (mybooklive) that I store my media on. I would like to backup the NAS to the new 3T attached to the WDTVLP. Is this asking too much of the WDTVLP? I can alway put the 3T on my computer but prefer it to reside the WDTV. I am just going to try and see what happens but figured I would ask if anyone has any real world experience with this? Thanks.

Well it is slower than my pc, but considering it’s behind another switch (and only 100 at that) its doing pretty darn good. Still for big backups I will probably move the drive back to the computer one a month to backup the nas. Will get a usb hub on my desktop to make it easy as my 3.0 ports are way in the back and hard to get at. Will see if I can get another power supply for the drive so I won’t have to carry that around. With the hub and 2nd power supply I can hot swap in a flash.