Wdtvlivehuv crashing freezing restart

Since few weeks, i experiment some problem with my hub. I am running the last firmware.

issues that i experiment randomly:

  • restart itsefl during file transfer from external hard drive to internal

  • freeze during such transfer

  • unable to read a mkv or avi file that he has already read before. A reboot fix the problem, but it is not stable and convenient

  • sometimes somme file doesn’t appear and i need to reboot.

This is not big issue, but it drive me crazy when it happens just the moment i am well seat to watch my movie and i have to restart the hub and wait 5 mins until he start and scan the library…

IS there any option to do a kind of hard reboot or someting, other than by long push on on

/off button or unplug the de device?

I had similar problems before I upgraded to the latest FW upgrade. I was using FW 2.04 and I manually upgraded to version 2.07 and I havent had any issues since.

I am already with the last firmware. I don’t know what to do. Sometimevit crashes and reboot, sometimes it is freezing and I need to reboot. Sometimes it is not able to read some file.

Is there a way to do a kind of hard reboot?