WDTVLIVEHUB DLNA server not transcoding .mkv

Hi there,

I have recently bought a wdtv live hub . While browsing the DLNA server on my sony bravia kdlex520, i noticed that it dont show mkv files. I was hoping that the dlna server would be capable of transcoding unsupported format to my tv… I am quite disapointed now as that was my whole intent of buying this one:flushed:

Why bought a HD media player, use it as a storage device and use the build in player on your TV to play your movies?

Use the HUB to play your files and mkv is no problem at all …

The cpu in the hub is not powerful enough to transcode video.

I agree it worls fine via hdmi, but i am looking to play on a second TV in another room via dlna. Any suggestions? Or is there any other device capable of doin this …

Instead of making your movies mkv, switch to m4v. They will stream to your tv without transcoding.

Run a media server like PS3 Media Server on your PC/mac, add your Hub folders , access the PS3 MS dlna from your tv and enjoy!  As somebody said, the Hub can’t do it on its own. Keeping the PC on shouldn’t be a big deal!