Hello, I’m new at the wdtvlive, my first impression of the wdtv live is one of disapointment, I also have a logitech squeezebox and hoped that the wdtvlive would be more like it. I am realy missing the webserver and all possibilyties to customize the wdtv live.

I realy hope that the developers of wd buy a squeezebox and develop somethhing that is as easy and nice to use as the squeezebox. maybe wd could even develop something together with the guys from logitech??


Your aspirations are worthy, but they won’t happen. The Live and most stuff from any vendor in this price range is just a player. If you are looking for server capabilities, you may be better off buying Via C3 IPTX motherboard and making a HTPC to do all that you want.

I understand you but I do not completely agree.

The squeezbox classic was only 50 euro more expensive then the wdtv-live and it is much more user friendly then the wdtv live. As far as I know the squeezebox server software was developed together with te community and is open source. If wd realy wants to get the product running I think they wil realy need a webinterface to control the wdtv-live.

At this moment the wdtv-live is for me a box that forfils its job but nothing more, the squeezebox is for me the best buy ever, to bad it does not play films.

Just the thought of a device that combines both wdtv-live and squeezebox shiver, it would we something dat realy would take off.