WDTVLive Reset Location Failed *Fixed*

I had to do a reset factory on my WDTVLive and I noticed, hey, all my applications disappeared! This device is “region locked.” boo. I live in Southern California and this device does not work with AT&T U-verse out of the box. Solution was setting the WDTV Live DNS to

Unfortunately ADC, Pop Flix, Manga, All fitness TV, American Pop, Cartoon Keepsakes, Cafe Noir, Cultorama, Docurama… Lets just say any apps added in the last few patches and pretty much half of the apps don’t work and display only a white screen

Firmware 2.02.32. Gen 3. The occasional freezes during a movie are bad enough because it doesn’t remember where it left off.

Yet to see a Twitch App, HBO Go, and Crackle.

It’s been a year, I don’t expect WD to do anything more with this device.


Sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing this with the community as this might help other users experiencing the same.