WDTVLIVE: must re-connect to network after turn off power each evening

My WDTVLIVE works well, but with one exception: when I power it off each day, I must --every time – go into settings and re-connect to my network. Otherwise, I can’t access the files on my WDTVLIVEHUB.

This problem is recent; only used to happen when I physically unplugged the WDTVLIVEHUB or the WDTVLIVE unit. Otherwise, everything works very well!

Using NETGEAR Powerline 5001 adapters: one for PC; one for WDTVLIVE and one for WDTVLIVEHUB.


PC running W7.

Not a ‘terrible’ problem, but annoying, esp. for my wife who finds it difficult/frustrating to go through the network setup each time.

Many thanks!


I have a similar bug on my LIve plus. I just never turn off the live plus.

it only uses 12 watts, not too terrible.