WDTVLive Locked with power on

I have only had this unit about 1 week - very pleased so far.

However I have had the unit lock up with the power lights on but no control of menu.

The only thing I can do is reboot by removing power.

Running ver 1.01.11

Anybody else seen this problem?

this actually happens to me quite often (recently) when I go to turn on my player - the menu is just frozen and i cannot control it with the remote.

I have to unplug it and plug it back in to fix - then it’s fine.

I am running same FW as you.

 . . . very strange.

Just heard the a new firmware update is available for the wdtv live.  see if that helps.

My WD TV Live regularly locks up after about 10 minutes of playing online audio files from live365.com. The remote stops working and I have to switch off the power to the unit. When I switch it back on, its OK for about another 10 or so minutes. I have installed the latest firmware (1.01.24) but that didn’t make any difference. I connect to the Internet via a Netgear wireless access point because I couldn’t get my USB wifi adapter to work. Any ideas/advice/help on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.