WDTVLIVE HDMI sound crackling

I have noticed this after a while when unit has been on (seen some other related threads here but havent seen a fix and cant reply). Tried different HDMI cables - no change. Tried letting auto decide best reolution and bringing down color depth to 8 bit - no change. Tried resseting device - no change. Tried my other WDTVLIVE unit and same issue. Both on latest firmware as of posting date.

All files/codecs etc. It’s a light crackling over the sound which is very annoying.

Its not the TV as other inputs are fine. I really want to utilise the HDMI for superior res!!! AAAARGHHH!

Any ideas?? please…

 Its not the TV as other inputs are fine.

Have you tried changing inputs anyway?   …or trying a different device on the same input?  …or a different cable?

Check the sound mode on that HDMI input.

One option these units need is a way to adjust the line out level. My hub is using the optical out to a surround system and I had to adjust my surround sound volume, not the master volume, to keep this from happening. Most surround systems allow an adjustment for the level of each speaker as well as EQ. I had to tweak mine a bit to stop this from happening. Every other device I connect to my system has a line out adjustment but not the WD stuff.

melikewd, I am not any help here but have noticed the same thing every once in a while. I have not been able to track it down and as it is extremely intermittent and seems to just go away, I haven’t bothered to troubleshoot it yet.


yes, tried changing to component - no problem. yes, tried my other WDTVlive - still same issue. Yes, tried another HDMI cable - same issue