WDTVHubgen Not Working

So about 3 days ago my WDTV Hub XML generator program that is listed on here stopped working… I read through that thread and saw that there doesnt’ appear to be any fix right now…

Can anyone suggest another application or another way (besides doing it from my TV manually) to get my movie metadata until there’s a fix? Or is there some way to continue using this application without it crashing when i go to get the metadata?

it looks like the internal scraper is broken too, its do to TMDb API 2.1 being discontinued.

most programs and internal scraper look to be using api2.1. everyone needs to update to use api3.0

changing programs probably wont respolve it, changing from using TMDb will… until your fave program updates with new API

and there is already mention of the issue in the original thread

which points to the developers site who is working on it