WDTV won't recognize any files on external hard drive

Okay so I own the WDTV mini (not Live) and recently purchased a Mac so I had to reformat my external hard drive (HP Simples TPTB) so it was Mac compatible. But now when I plug it into my WDTV it does recognize the hard drive but doesn’t see any of the files on it. But when I plug it into my computer I can see all the files there.

It was reformatted and partitioned properly, just wondering if there was anything else I needed to do to make it recognizable by my WDTV.

Also not 100% sure if I posted this in the correct area. I apologise if I didnt.

There may be a couple of reasons…

I think the main one will be hard drive size. The mini is old now so it may not support it if its 2TB.

Or if it worked before its the way you formatted it.

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Nah its only a 1TB Im using.

What would I need to do to format it properly? 


I follwed this guide exactly.