Wdtv when off tv goes black unless hdmi cable out

we have a wdtv and every time we turn it off it will eventually make the tv screen go black. the only way to get better is to remove the hdmi cable or turn it back on.

we know it is not the tv as we have recently bought a bluray player and nothing happens when it is turned off.

i took it to harvey norman to get replacement but they would not do it unless they can see what is wrong. they plugged it in tv there and nothing happened so they could not do anything.

i had the wdtv unplugged for about a week. i plug it in watch a movie, turn it off and the problem seemed to be fixed.

then yesterday the problem started again.

i need some help here. can anyone help me?

star_64 wrote:

we have a wdtv and every time we turn it off it will eventually make the tv screen go black.

Well, uhm, that’s what it’s supposed to do.

No Picture = Black.

When I turn my WDTV’s off, my TV goes black.   

What are you expecting it to do?? 

i missed an important piece of info.

the screen goes black when we are watching tv

can anybody help?

So when you are watching something OTHER than the WD, the picture goes black when you turn off the WD??

yeah, when we finish watching something on the wdtv we turn it off then watch tv then the tv screen will eventually go black (could be 5mins or 10min).  and the screen will stay black unless we take out the hdmi cable or put the wdtv back on.

i know it cant be tv as we have a bluray player through hdmi and it has not stuffed up once.

i also have tried the wdtv through both hdmi plugs on tv.

Well now I’m thinking it might be time for you to add a little more info.

TV Brand and Model

Is TV connected to a cable box via HDMI or component inputs or are you watching TV over the air using an antenna

Is TV HDMI connected to a surround sound amp that switches HDMI video signal

The additional info might help someone help you…

the tv is a toshiba 32AV500A.

we have a wii connected through video input 1.

we have mystar connected through video input 2.

bluray player connected through hdmi input 1.

wdtv connected though hdmi input 2.

the video inputs 1 and 2 are just your red, white and yellow video connection.

we watch all the tv through the mystar as it gets free to air channels through it.

here is all the info i can think of about the tv, dont think it will help as i have said bluray player works good and does not stuff up tv.

Check your TV configuration. It sounds like it might be changing video inputs by itself?


tony i dont think so. when the tv screen goes black that is it, nothing happens and sometimes the remote not work

about the problem being mystar no. the problem is only when the wdtv is off and hdmi is still in wdtv.

So you are seeing the problems described here- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austar#Mystar_Critici​sm


MyStar has been having ongoing technical issues which have plagued the system since release; … Some of the numerous bugs are The MyStar box regularly causes the screen to black out, recordings to fail, and the screen to freeze; it has also has been known to automatically switch itself off and on.

parnott100       i dont think you read what i have said so i will say it again.

after we watch wdtv we turn it off and watch mystar. eventually screen goes black. but if we either turn on the wdtv or unplug hdmi cable for wdtv everything goes back to normal.

the mystar is good every other time.

also sometimes while watching the wdtv the screen flashes black a couple times through movie.

could this be due to the tv being a hd and not full hd tv.

Yes I did read what you described.  Yet your problem sound very similar (if not the same) as the general problems reported with the MyStar STBs.

As you say your MyStar and WD TV Live are on different inputs. Thus there is a low probability the WD TV Live could be doing anything to cause the issue. Maybe it is the TV that is the problem.

i still cant see how it is the tv as it only stuffs up when the wdtv is off when the hdmi for wdtv is still in and goes back to good with hdmi unplugged

Yes but think about it for a moment. If-

  1. you have mystar connected through video input 2

  2. you have wdtv connected though hdmi input 2

  3. you are viewing video input 2

How could the WD TV be doing anything that could affect the TV as the TV is not tuned to hdmi input 2. Unless of course the TV has some cross-link between video input 2 and hdmi input 2. And I seem to remember there are some TV’s  (don’t recall brands or models) where it is one or the other not both on the nbr 2 inputs.

Try switching your WD TV to hdmi 1 and see if the problem recurs.

it used to be stuffing up in hdmi 1 and now blu ray player is in that.

Then look at your TV. Is the Tv’s firmware up to date?

If the TV is not tuned to the WD TV source then it should be ignoring it.

you cant updat firmware in this tv

It’s your TVs fault. The WD can’t make a totally unrelated input on the TV stop working. Even if the WD is doing something WRONG, it’s still your TVs fault for paying attention to a device that is not selected at the input.