WDTV Subtiles do not switch on, on the player

Hi, I cannot get WDTV subtitles to switch on on the player. I went into WDTV ‘Setup’ and ‘Video settings’ and switched ‘Default Subtitles’ to ‘On’. However when i then start the video file in the top left of the screen it stil says ‘Subtitles: Off’. If i press the subtiles button on the WD Remote it still does not switch to ‘On’. I don’t think the issue is with the subtitle (.srt) file as i have got the subtitles to work prevously, this is a new problem.   

Any help would be much appreciated!

  1. What type of file are you trying to play?  (mkv, mp4, mov, etc.)

  2. Where is the .srt file located?

  3. How are you playing it? (DLNA, Network share, USB drive, etc.)

  1. .mkv

  2. .srt is in the folder with the  .mkv and has the same title

  3. Playing either by USB or network share - does not wirk with either


Whn you say this is a new problem…does that mean it was working previously (i.e. before a firmware update) on the WDTV and now it isn’t?  

You might wsnt to try and put the .srt into the mkv itself and set it to default and see if that works…this is the way I deal with mkv’s and subtitles, but I stream over DLNA.


Apologies, the subtitles actually did not have the same name as the mkv. When i changed the srt to have the same name as the mkv it worked.

Thanks for your help.


No worries…9 times out of 10 it is something silly like that…all that matters is that it is sorted.  Cheers :slight_smile: