WDTV stops seeing shares

Now this is perplexing for me.

I have a Win7 box  that I store most of my media on, as well as a series of VM’s on my server in the basement…

Normally when watch my content via the network shares, which till this past Sunday it’s worked perfectly.

I fired up the WDTV on Monday night, and under normal circumstances under my network shares, will see my router (Asus RT-N16), my playbook, my VM’s in the basement and lastly my  main Win7 machine with all the content on it. As well when the WDTV is on, I can normally see it via network neighbourhood.

It’s always been fussy and I live with that, but this time it just flatly refuses to see anything past my router.

The entire house is hardwired with Cat5 into a central switch in the basement. I can ping and access the “web page” inside the WDTV via IP so connectivity is good.

Now I can access my Vm’s via “Network Neighbourhood” and my Vm’s can see my many WIn7 box  upstairs.

As well when I go into media servers, it sees everything that is running a media server.

Even though nothing changed, I figured it was a browsing issue (should see other machines but ok) and restarted the browsing service on my main machine. Nothing. I normally see the WDTV in network neighbourhood, but no longer, it;'s almost like it’s not longer broadcasting  it’s name.

I’m really preplexed here.

Suggestions appreciated.


Try pressing the reset button on the side of the WDTV.