WDTV SMP - Max supported Wifi Speed?

Hi All,

I want to know if WDTV supports 300mbps over LAN network. Surely it has lan port which support max 100Mbs . But i see Wireless - N in my router page.

I am using Cisco/Linsys E3000. router. Which has Dual Band. 2.4Ghz/5Ghz. I have kept same SSID name for both Band.

WDTVLive Wireless-N


WD SMP suuports 300mbps dual band N over 2.4 ghz

5 ghz is not supported

How 2.4Ghz will give 300 Mbps. Other device goes max 150Mbps.

However Lanport is also not Gig, it’s only 100mbps . Any advice on this.

Question related to this topic. If I add a N bridge near my SMP, and hardware directly into that, will I get an increase of throughput to the SMP?