WDTV SMP - Happy With It

So I have had two WDTV SMP commected to a Windows machine. 

One connected through ethernet cables and other connected through powerline ehthernet.

I must say besides the getting setup to connect with the windows 7 machine I have had no really issues.

The only issue I have is the time it takes to load the video/movies and video/TV folders; and that I am sure it becuase of the HD spin up time. Sometimes it take 5 to 10 seconds; whoa be still my beating heart.

I am getting another one for my daughter.

Trust me when I say I have ALOT of media. 

2 TB of movies ( all mkv )

2 TB of TV series  ( all avi or mp4 )

1 TB of mp3s

300 gigs of photots

All streaming from my Windows 7 machine; which is left on 24/7.

I give it a THUMB UP for the spouse approval rating


Glad you took the time to express this…

Must people just care to complain…

Is good to see happy campers… Most of them don’t take the time to post


Good man.

I’m happy too.  And I have about 10tb of films (slightly over 800 titles), a couple of thousand albums and I don’t know how many TV programmes.

The odd problem, but it’s usually solved by asking a question here.

Steve W

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I’ve had my SMP for over 6 months and, until firmware 1.08.17 it was problematic. Haven’t had any issue since upgrading to the current version. WD Support has been nothing but excellent and professional, I am * NOW * very happy with my SMP. I have a HUGH media collection and the SMP handles it all flawlessly.

Thank You WD!!!

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I’d just like to add my voice to this thread. Got myself a WD TV Live on Saturday and to be honest, I’m delighted with it. 

The main reason I’ve got it is to move on from streaming to my PS3, which can’t play a load of the most popular files these days, and so that I could get a bit more control on how my media library is displayed on screen.

It’s my first foray into “proper” media streaming, and it’s a great introduction. I can see me getting a couple more for different rooms in the house!

As Well, I really do like mine also.  It works well and does everything that I need to do.

OK, I do have some temp issues once in a while, but all I have to do is restart and it goes back to normal.

Hmmm, as far as that goes, I guess my computer is the same…  :smileyvery-happy:

It really has all that I want like playing movies from my network share and my NAS drives as well as being able to stream Netflix, etc.   I do wish they would have Amazon Prime and Acorn TV though… that would make it complete.  

It may be great for those with massive video collections … but honestly, how many times do you really want to watch Back To The Future 3 ?    

The online streaming is very restricted compared with the Roku - where apps can be added by developers and users alike without the need for the approval of the WD Central Committee deciding what you the user gets.

If you want Acorn TV get a Roku! 

Castalla - there are plenty of threads for people to come and moan about problems - this is not one of those.

I may never want to watch Back to the Future 3 ever again, but as a film fan I would be happy to watch Manhattan, Casablanca, A Matter of Life and Death, Vertigo, Chinatown, OldBoy, and any number of other films, time and time again.

I’d certainly much rather re-watch a timeless, classic film than most of the **bleep** streamed as ‘entertainment’ by many of the serives you mention.

I bought my WDTV mainly to watch thefilms in my collection, and I suspect most users do the same.  The addition of the BBC iPlayer is a small bonus, YouTube is useful occasionally, but I really never use any of the other services.

Steve W

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I made this post for people who prasie and are happy with there WDTV Hub/SMP. Please keep the moaning and groaning to the main forum.

I am moving so I took my massisve collection and put it on a 2TB WD USB EXT drive. … Still happy with results.

Needed the space so had to get rid of computer as my NAS.

I like how the media library brings my movie list back to life instead of just being a big list of movies I can now see the movie covers that made me pick most of my movies out in the first place.

The backdrop pics and details of plot,actors,year etc available right on the screen is great.

I currently have 3 x 3TB MBL with 2 x SMP hooked up and having them all avail in one library is so handy and opened my library up to others in my house.

I have a new phone and now I can stream music through the SMP to my new stereo so most nights I dont even turn on the tv.

Since my posting I have moved into an apartment. had to ditcht the Windows machine and go with USB. but since then I have bought anotehr SMP for my daughter and alos hooked up a 1TB WD. and again. Very happy. 

Again this product is a two thumbs up on the spouse approval. 

Also have added the Mojo theme to a three devices and they look great.