Hi All

I appreciate that the SMP is old tech, but I am hoping someone is using it still and able to help on this topic.

I have recently migrated to Freenas after my old NAS (WD EX4) passed on, I have been trying to get the WDTV to connect to a share via a user I have set on Freenas. The WDTV sees my Freenas under windows share, however when adding the username and password I receive invalid user and password errors.

My user is set as per the below

My share is set as per the below

I can access the share via a windows PC no bother, any pointers on what im doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, This was resolved by a kind gent on the freenas forums

“WD TV appears to only communicate via SMB1 and NTLMv1 authentication. Under Services->SMB, you’ll need to enable NTLMv1 and SMB1 support.”

Remember to restart the SMB service after making these changes.