WDTV+ reboots on its own when scrolling too quickly through videos


I have a WD Live hooked to a Samsung Tv with a wireless connection to a QNAP Turbo 210 which is connected via a Apple Time Capsule.

When I search the video listings it will restart, go to the WD live blue cloud screen and then restart.

it has the latest firmware. The QNAP has the latest firmware.

It will restart when I search thru the video listing. If I connect a local hard disk it will restart when i search thru the listings.

There has not been a firmware update for this one in a while…

don’t think is a firmware issue but check if  a  rollback does any good

My WD TV Live Gen 3 does the same thing, so I RMA’s it… got a new unit, and guess what???

THE NEW WARRANTY REPLACEMENT IS A REFURB AND DOING THE SAME THING!  Since I’ve had 2 units in 3 months do this I AM SURE I AM NOT ALONE…  Lets not even bring the fact that I’m pissed my unit was replaced under warranty with a refurbished unit.  This WD Live gets hot, and it reboots frequently, mostly when I scrolling through one of 3 HDDs filled with movies.  WD just tells me to rma unit, but this must be happening to many more of us!

WD are you listening?

So I’m not the ONLY one!!! I bought a WD TV Live unit ~6 weeks ago. It was rebooting itself between 1-10x every day! VERY annoying!!!  It seemed like it would reboot whenever I was scrolling through menus. I thought I was doing it too fast or something. I thought there was a problem with the unit, so I returned it to the store and got another one. Guess what? This stupid thing does the SAME thing!! I am using the latest firmware! But, I don’t believe this is the problem, as I have 2 other WD TV Live units (also using the latest firmware) in my home, that I purchased 2-3 months ago, and they don’t do this!!

Must be a bad lot??

We need a fix for this!!!

Latest firmware… I have the same problem scrolling a Windows Network share with 200-300 files… if you press “Right Arrow” before a previous scroll operation has finished the device spontaneously reboots…