WDTV+ reboots on its own when scrolling too quickly through videos

Hi All,

I’ve noticed that if I scroll too quickly through my videos that the WD will lock up then reboot. Of course the simple solution I’ve used it to slow down and there is no problem, but if I scroll (hit up or down arrow) more than one or two pushes before the next screen is displayed the system reboots.

I have the latest firmware and am using an direct connect external 2 TB e book for the media.

This really is more of a statement to see if anyone else is experiencing this, I’m not looking for a fix per se, but if any WD engineers are reading this, it may be something to look into.


Does it only do that reboot with the 2TB connected? Try with another drive or a memory stick.

In order to recreate the test accurately, I would have to have a few dozen .ISO movies on another drive, which I don’t as I don’t have another drive large enough.

I appreciate the question as a troubleshooting step, however I don’t have the resouces to perform the test at this time. Until I do I will just slow down. But thanks for the testing suggestion