WDTV playlists change to folders

I have a number of short videos and have created playlists to play them in order. I have created both WPL and m3u playlists.

However, after a time most of these playlists convert to file folders all on their own.

I can’t see the file folders on the WDTV but when I look for the playlist on my computer (over the network) they show as file folders. The name of the file folder is exactly the same as the originally created playlist.

The playlist are all in the format “!xxx.wpl or !xxx.m3u”. (i.e. So that they appear at the top of the list.)

Any idea what’s causing this?

I have:


Software 1.06.43_V

Honestly, I haven’t seen this case before. 

As a recommendation, contact WD support for direct assistance to see if they can sort out this case.

WD Contact info:


So far we’ve only seen this: http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Live-Plus/WDTV-Live-random-avi-files-being-converted-to-folders/m-p/544999#U544999

I’ve read the thread mentioned and my issue is similar.

I should also mention…

I have had a few video files changed to 0 bites too. These files were tested on my computer before downloading them to the WDTV. They were also played correctly on the WDTV. However, sometime later, they still appeared in the file list but wouldn’t play. (WDTV reported them as not playable). When I looked at them on the computer, they were 0 bites.