WDTV playback problems - spinning disc, black screen

The past few weeks I started having huge problems with my WDTV and playback from USB HDD.

I didn’t make any changes apart from adding new files, as I’ve been doing for a long time.

The first time it happened it was stuck with a spinning disc and the backdrop image of the file. The file wouldnt begin.

After ejecting the HDD and powering off the WDTV I managed to get it to work.

Unfortunately is has now started to affect it almost every time and even restarting it won’t make a difference.

I either get the spinning disc and it’s stuck or it maybe starts to play the file and then the screen becomes black after a while.

WDTV is still responsive, I can go back for example but it then it refuses to play any file.

I tried deleting the .wdtv folder but to no avail.

I play the same files in my PC without any problems.

I also tried to use the other USB port but it makes no difference.

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my device or a problem with the HDD and maybe some file causing it.

As I’ve said I’ve been using the same HDD for a long time without any problems.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

EDIT. I’m sorry, but I’ve posted it in the wrong forum. The correct forum would be the Live Streaming. If someone can move the topic, please do.

Sounds like it could be bug #3.

I downgraded to the previous firmware and so far the problems have disappeared.

I’ll monitor how it goes and report back.

I have had the WDTV and MyBookLive Duo set up for over a year and have done all of the updates. Still to this day I have major problems with this equipment. I wish I would have bought the Synology set up UGH!!!