WDTV playback is slightly too fast. 1x seems like 1.1x and movies look sped up

Hi I recently bought a Sony NX-700 40" 1080p TV.  For some reason the video plays back too fast so the scenes look like they are playing at 1.1x or some rate slightly faster than 100%.  This happens now on every movie and tv show I have.

I changed the setting to 50HZ 1080p and that seems a little better than 60HZ 1080p but still doesn’t seem perfect.  The TV is 120HZ 1080p and has something Sony calls MotionFlow.

Can the TV settings affect the playback or just the WDTV?

< Sony NX700 specs>

I am watching over HDMI.

Thanks    :cry:


You possibly need to measure time for a movie and post timing. Example get a Movie of 10Min and play it. Measure how long it took to play the full video and post the result. (Use a Stop Watch to time it).


I think I have the same “feel” you have when watching videos with WDTV on my new TV Sony KDL-32EX701. It has Motion Flow 100Hz.

When I plug the HDMI cable on my computer, the video looks fine, but from the WDTV, it looks like a video made by amateurs with a home camera.

Does anyone else have that problem, or better, the solution ?

I just bought the WDTV and not using it because of that !