WDTV OSX Yosemite - "invalid username or password"

I have a brand new WDTV Media player, and I have just bought a new Mac. I backed my old machine up to time machine and restored it on the new machine and now my WDTV doesnt work. It keeps telling me I have “invalid username or password”.

I have sharing enabled, the folders I want to share are available for sharing, but when I click on the WDTV Live box to enable it for sharing it asks me: “To enable file sharing using SMB for “WDTV Live”, enter the password for that account” What is the password…? I have tried “admin”, “password” and have had no luck.

It is connected to my pc directy via an ethernet cable and my pc is then connected to the internet wirelessy, it worked perfectly before I got the new Mac and now it wont connect to the internet either.

Help!!! I have been trying to figure this out for the last 4 days via google and this forum, however cannot find any threads specifically mentioning OS X Yosemite.

Welcome to the Community.

Was your old computer running OSX Yosemite as well, or did it use a different operating system?

Yes the old computer was running OSX Yosemite - the new computer is essentially a mirror image of the old on new hardware.