WDTV not recognizing directories on MyBook

I have 2 WDMP’s in my house, a 1st gen and a 2nd gen. I also have a few different size WDHD’s, which all work fine. I purchased a 3TB WDHD for my brother and found that after I copied all of my movies to his harddrive and plugged it into either of my WDMP’s it would not recognize anything. I realize there are other posts about 3TB HD’s on this forum and that isnt my issue.

I have a  4TB HD that works fine with both of my MP’s, however I recently bought my kid a new computer(which uses windows 8), and since it has USB3 on it I use it to transfer movies from one HD to another because it is quicker. I recently copied a new directory into an existing directory on my 4TB hardrive from his computer, and now when I attach that HD to my MP, It doesnt recognize the new directory, OR the existing directory at all. It seems that when I copy a new directory into that HD from his computer using win 8, the MP does not recognize that new directory, or the subdirectory that I copied it into… Can anyone help? This seems like it may be the same problem as the 3TB not recognizing any directories…


If some of the files you are transferring are corrupted, the WDTV will have problems reading the files in the My Book. Also remember to always safely eject the hard drives before disconnecting the USB cable form the PC and/or the WDTV.