WDTV No picture or sound through Yamaha Receiver


I currently have a 1st gen WDTV and now have a Yamaha RXV3900 for the life of me i cannot get it to display a picture as in the menu etc. The WDTV is plugged in via HDMI into one of the receivers HDMI In and from the reciever to the TV at the moment the receiver is all set to auto scaling etc. Is there anything i could be missing? I have tried 4 different HDMI cables that work with other things i have but none with the media player.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



This is the forum for the LIVE, but off-hand, I’d ask:   Have you tried without the Yamaha in the middle?

Hi Thanks for the reply even though im in the wrong section much appreciated. From WDTV via HDMI to the tv works fine just cant get it to work via the receiver. Is it possible it could be the HDCP thingo maybe?

Thanks for your help