WDTV - no Media

Hi There

Would appreciate some help. Finding it very annoying getting the WDTV box to connect to the WD Nas My Duo Live.

Now on the instructions it says connect the WDTV to the TV using a HMDI cable, easy, then it say connect to the network. Well I want to have a close network. All I want is to play my movies on my Nas box on to the TV via the WDTV box. Not asking to much but it seems I am. The WDTV does not seem to want to connect straight to the WD Nas box. So I put a router(wifi) in the picture. So the WDTV now connects to the router and so to does the Nas box. The WDTV will not connect to the “network” unless the router is connected to the internet. There seems to be some conflect with DHCP. Now I thought the router was issueing the IP addresses for the WDTV and the NAS…

The reason for not wanting to connect to the internet is that I am based in Papua New Guinea and firstly the internet is very slow and intermittant and secondly extremely expensive.

Anyway I ended up having to connect to the Internet and then I could see the WDTV program on the TV. So I could see that there had been IP addresses issued. So went to videos and underneath that it says “0 new items”. You click on it and you seea lot of folders down the left hand side, actor, album, all video, by date etc etc.

Scroll down to Folder and click, nothing. So go up to red square up on top right “select content source”. click on that and wow I see my nas box so click on the nas box and a green tick in a box appears on right hand side. click again and you are back to the folder file. Open but still same message"There is no media in the current folder"

I have tried this with music, photos, files, videos but nothing…

Please could someone adise me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks Kokopo

Hi there,

I recommend contacting Support for further assistance on this matter: