WDTV Network Share Issue THOMSON TG585v7 & DNS-320 NAS

Hi folks!

I’ve read through enough threads in the last few days to know that there are still a few bugs in the WDTV device - that said, I’ve not come across the specific issue I am encountering, or reason to believe that this should not work.

I have the WDTV Live wirelessly connected to my THOMSON TG585v7 router. I also updated WDTV firmware to the most recent revision when I installed it last week.

My D-Link DNS-320 NAS is connected to the THOMSON TG585v7 by ethernet.

Network Shares to the Win 7 PC’s work fine.

Media Shares to the NAS work fine.

NAS to PC connects are fine.

Network shares to the NAS give me the “cannot connect to source” error. I am not presented with a login screen or any indication that the WDTV can reach the NAS.

I thought at first that this might be to do with the NAS Access rights - I have UPNP sharing switched on, and two login profiles - I therefore removed all security restrictions from the NAS and made it a free share. Same error message.

Next I thought it might be the THOMSON TG585v7. I’ve checked the logs, but can find no evidence that the device is even attempting to connect - the firewall is configured to allow all LAN based traffic, so I wouldn’t expect that this is the problem.

Using CMD on my Win 7 desktop to ping each device returns positive results.

I have even changed the connection on the WDTV to wired, but this did not produce any better results, even after restarting the WDTV device.

My only conclusion, therefore, is that the WDTV is not sending out the Network Share Request correctly, and I have no idea on how to resolve this, or what to try next.

There’s some great support in here so I’m hoping someone might have a suggestion!

I have the wdtv connected with cable through a gigabit switch to a DNS-323.

Everything seems to work fine with network shares. This has nothing to do with UPNP though.

On the DNS, you need to have user/groups defined and then setup a share for the user/group that includes your media folder. I have a “media” share setup on my NAS with read-only access for my wdtv. If you want to add the NAS to your wdtv media library, you need to give it write access (but it will write meta files to the NAS).

This all assumes the DNS-320 is similar to the 323…

I think that I just worked it out actually - the only thing I hadn’t checked was the Workgroup setting on the NAS and the WDTV.

I’ve never really used Workgroups before to get things working, so it hadn’t occurred to me this was the problem.

I have now changed the WDTV workgroup to mirror the NAS workgroup name, and I can connect in this way.

I’m guessing that if I streamline the remaining workgroups around the house, then everything should connect!

I appreciate you taking the time to respond vango - I have also taken your advice and created a specific profile for the WDTV on the NAS.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I found out after the same problem that I had to either name the units workgroup to my workgroup, or the other way around, they had to match…or it also worked by matching my computer name, but I only have one computer…M.