Wdtv missing/deleting files

My SMP seems to be randomly deleting files, it sounds bizarre but it does this often and only with recently added movies. I’ll explain:

  • I have a JBOD connected to the SMP currently with 3, 3tb drives in it with 1 open drive bay.
  • I added a movie to the External JBOD via ethernet network last night
  • I watched this movie in it’s entirety last night with no problems
  • today when I turned the SMP on the movie was gone

I do have an issue with the SMP not seeing the JBOD when it wakes up from sleep, every time from sleep I have to unplug or restart the SMP and turn off and turn back on the JBOD for it to see it.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Had the same problem with the neighbour’s WDTV ‘missing files’.  We back dated the firmware and the problem ceased.  We were transferring files via wireless and then some of these files would ‘disappear’.

Laterwe  transferred files via USB from the PC.  We found this so much quicker and the files then stopped ‘disappearing’. Because I would update his stuff weekly, transferring via USB became the norm.  So much quicker and easier to do.

We have again updated the firmware but now transfer files exclusively via USB.

Hmm, so downgrade or transfer via usb is what you are getting at… I wish they would fix these little annoying issues.

What firmware was it working on?