WDTV mini not showing folders with dots on the name

Hi there, I saw somewhere a while ago that wdtv mini doesn’t support folders with dots on the name. Well I would like to know how exactly is this limitation because all my video folder are like cat.jumping.from.tree and this is being a pain !

renaming a few folder is okay with thousands is really difficult :confused:

can someone help me with this?



I just tested this in our lab with FW version 1.00.60 (latest release) and it worked fine.

Example both showed up and played

folder with name:




I did not have an issue with the Mini seeing the folder or file.

I’m going to check exactly what was the name of the folder that didn’t work.

I’ve placed 10 folders and some of them I remember that were very long with 6 dots displaying fine, but only 1 or 2 folders weren’t listed.

By the way, thanks for the quick feedback.

now if you have 6 dots, this might be a limitation depending upon the total folder name being beyond a support name length.

Please let me know and I will check on it.  I would be more concerned with a long file name more so then the .“dots” not being supported on this device.

Please let me know

this folder can’t be listed on mine, if I change a few letters or dots it will work, so I believe is a firmware bug


if I change it for example “a.perfect.getaway.dvd01.test-alexsba” it appears.

I know I can work around this renaming the folder, but what happens when I have several folders and I can be sure if the device is showing all the folders needed.


by the way, I’ve tested a very long folder name, 83 characters and listed it fine, about 11 dots on the file name spread to separate words.

Just other quick question, is there any limit about the number of folders the device can list on a single directory ?



I forwarded this over to engineering for duplication. 

Just an FYI they should be able to duplicate this so once this is duplicated they will need to create an issue tracker and submit to be fixed

Thank you for bringing this to our attension