WDTV menu missing icons

I have a WD TV (Part Number: WDBHG70000NBK, Firmware: 2:02:32) and add services shows the icon on the menu. If I add to the service icon to start menu shortcuts, look like the second photo above. How can I fix this?

@JoeySmyth, please see this.

A lot of services without an icon.

Dusted off my WDTV Media Player (the latest 2014 model)

“Cultorama” “Kino Lorber” and “Manga” icons are there … but clicking on them, nothing happens apart from the TV screen going “White” (same for MBC America)

So, can only assume those Services are no longer supported on the WDTV.

And I’d have to go back and check but pretty sure the images for the icons are not stored on the WDTV so my guess is the broken buttons are links that have been changed by individual service providers.