WDTV Media Player Not displaying Internal Storage Content


My WDTV Media Player not displaying media content in the internal storage disk ( built-in). I connected it to Panasonic TV and it has been working fine for ages till a few days ago.When I was trying to access the content in the Internal storage via Select Source and Local Storage, it is displaying “There is no media in the current folder”. But I am able to access the External Hard disk connected to the Media player and able to play the media in the disk. I tried all known methods like restart, reset but it would not display the contents. I am worried about the ‘health’ of the internal hard disk. Could any one please offer any solution to access the content in Media Player?
Thank You


You can have a look on the article available in below mentioned link:


My Media Library and Local Storage are 2 different things.

If content has not been added to the Media Library then nothing will show

Selecting “Local Storage” as the OP is doing should display any media files regardless if it’s been added to the “Media Library” or not.

Sounds like the OP’s WDTV Live Hub Internal Hard drive is failing or has already failed.

I would suggest formatting the Internal Hard drive via the WDTV settings (of course this will erase the drive and it’s contents … hopefully the OP has a backup)

If the formatting fails … then the drive is faulty

If the formatting succeeds … then try copying some media to it and playing it

If that fails … then the drive is faulty

Only two options after that … (1) replace the Internal hard drive or (2) remove the Internal hard drive and use external hard drives. The WDTV Live Hub will function normally without the internal hard drive connected.


Thank You Joey Smyth. I have content on the internal hard drive- around 900 GB…Now can I remove the Internal Hard disk and try repairing it with any Hard Disk repair utilities…Because I am not worried about the space in disk. I am worried about the media content on the disk. I have so many family videos on them…I am a worried guy if I will not be able to get the files back.
As is I am able connect external HDD via USB port and playing all the media on the Ext.HDD.

Could you suggest any solution to get the media content back on the internal HDD.

Thank You