WDTV LiveHub intermittent video problem


I’m having the exact same issue as described above. 

-Which firmware?: Latest and 3.10.09. I tried rolling back to older patch. But still same result.

  • What happened?: Everything will start playing fine but after 5-10 minutes the screen will start going blank for 1-2 seconds at  a time. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern and it might happen 2-3 times consecutively, then play fine for 10 minutes, but the issue always returns. It almost seems like the TV is loosing contact with the WD TV live device since source ID with show up when the screen goes blank. 
  • What were you doing? : Nothing special. Just watching movie.
  • Does this happen every time? : Yes. Every time.
  • What hardware and media were you using? : WDTVLiveHub and any video file (mkv, vob, avi, etc.)
  • Did this happen with previous firmware? : This problem started in the past 4 months. I tried rolling back to previous firmware. But still problem persists.
  • Does power cycling the unit solve this? : No.
  • Does resetting to factory defaults solve this? : No
  • Have you tried this on other devices? : The same media file plays well on other devices like my laptop.

Please suggest a solution to this problem. It is very irritating to watch a movie when the video goes blank a 1000times.

Check your cables.

Try different inputs on your TV or AVR.

Try different cables.

Try different TVs.

For certain, it’s not a FILE problem – you have a hardware issue to troubleshoot.