As suggested, I started a new thread.  I am trying to set up my new box.  Got it two days ago.  Model number: WDBHG70000NBK-12.   I checked to make sure our computers can share files.  They can.  My router is the master.  The box connects to the internet through the router.  I attempt to join the network and it ask for user name and password.  Don’t have a clue.  I tried to submit what I thought was password and user name but it did not work.  Got everything so screwed up that I did a factory reset and started over.  Everything is to the point of connecting to the content of our computers and I stopped there until I can frigure out what to do.

I bought this box to be able to watch our streaming church service via the TV.  Any help or solutions would be deeply appreciated.  I was told whatever you see on computer screen would stream to TV through this box???

I did talk to mybook and listened to some music.  I tried to open some of my pic folders and it gave me an error message.  Once I get this thing figured out, I then have to explain it to the wife so she can watch her streaming 700 club via the TV.

the userid password is whatever you set it to be on your computer that is sharing the information

although, it can be set up to accept annonymous

did you try the default

if the default annonymous with no password does not work

try the login creditials for your PC

Your WDTV actually is not going through the internet when you connect through a Windows Share, it is going from your WDTV to your router back to your computer.

The id and password thing requires that your computer has a login id and password created so when you boot up your computer you should be presented with a login window. A user id and password can be created in windows through the Windows / Settings / Control Panel / User Accounts. 

Unfortunately this will mean you will need to login into your computer everytime you start it, unless you leave it on all the time. If you set up your router yourself, you should be able to create a windows account for yourself. 

After your account is created, reboot computer, login and find the folder where your video files are. Right click on folder icon and share folder with the new windows account you are logged into. After its shared, go to WDTV Settings and setup Windows Share with your new windows id and password.

You may need to reboot the computer after your folder is shared and you may need to restart WDTV, but probably not.

If you restart WDTV, make sure you turn it off and unplug it - then plug it in. I wrote about the WDTV standby power off mode in another article today and this mode is listed in the manual too, but unplugging it is fine too.

If you are not sure about how to set up a windows acount or sharing a folder, you probably should find someone who knows enough about computers to do this.

One important note. It is not true that watever is on your computer screen will show on your TV. using WDTV Live.

You can only share video, audio, and image files to appear on your TV.

As far as streaming your church service, you could only stream if it was pre-recorded and saved as a video file on your computer.

The WDTV has services, like Netflix and You-Tube for streaming videos off of the Internet, so if your church service is on one of the WDTV apps, like You-Tube or something else, you do not need to share anything from your computer. Although, you may need to create a You-Tube account or some other application account on your computer before using one of the WDTV apps (applications).

Very disappointing.  I ordered an HP device that actually streams anything you are doing or watching on the laptop through the USB port except it did not work and got very hot at the computer and the receiver at the TV.  That is why I was so excited about this device.  I know WD and there quality.  I was hoping this device would actually connect the laptop to the TV via wireless router.

This is why you are disappointed

 I was told whatever you see on computer screen would stream to TV through this box???

 Whoever told you this knows nothing about the WD live player.

Have you checked to see if your laptop has a TV output. I have two Laptops, one with a hdmi output and an older one with a s-video output.

My laptop has hdmi out if I wanted to hard wire it.  It does not have widi.

I’m confused

first you don’t know what password to input to access network shares

no you want to see everything on your PC

yeah, I guess you didn’t check what this box does or is about

you need to either leave the laptop/pc wired hdmi to tv (ie use the TV as a monitor)

or get some sort of remove viewer software, which will likely require a pc to run it

I know how things work.  I was responding to someone who asked what capabilities my laptop had.  I am now aware that the box does not act as a device to see what is on the laptop as stated before.  I am fairly computer literite just challenged when it comes to new devices that don’t function as I expected.  I spent hours trying to get this machine to work.  The way I was able to see anytning was to place it on a flash drive and plug that into the box or find a site that has RSS capabilities.  I still cannot share files from my laptop due to password issues.  Luckily, I got this from Amazon so it will go back and I will start searching for another device.  I love the resolution but it does not serve my particular needs.

mz_inet wrote:

Unfortunately this will mean you will need to login into your computer everytime you start it, unless you leave it on all the time. 

Not necessarily. You can use an autologin for your main user or create a separate WDTV user that only has access to the media shared folders and only logs in from the WDTV.

Just plug your laptop into your TV via hdmi. As you now know the WD player is not what you want.

I appreciate all the comments and advice.  I ordered the new chromecast and it will do exactly what I want.  I don’t like the fact I will have to use goggle chrome just because I am quirky about my web browser.  I will probably keep the WDTV Live for watching captured video or pics transfered to the flash drive I plugged into the device.  I just have to get it talking to the laptops on the network.  Thanks again.