WDTV Live - Won't power on after Standby

I place the unit in Standby mode by pressing the remote power button - LED light goes off

I press the remote power button to power up the box - Nothing happens.

Only solution - Power off and then on again with mains wall switch - LED comes on, box powers up.

Has anyone had this repeatable issue and anyone offer solutions? All I can do at the moment is keep th box powered up all the time. Thanks.

Have you tried pressing the reset button?

Hi all, almost 1 year since the purchase of WDTV Live. I used it maybe not more than 20 times.  Last month, when I reboot it the power light keeps blinking and blinking.  I press the reset button many times but it doesn’ help

I agree with some one in this forum is :

*Before electronic products lasted 10 years, after five years, after 1 year and now only five months. The quality has dropped to as low.

WD has not bad Hard Drive quality product but I absolutely would say the WD TV is vere poor quality and not recommend it to anyone.  For sure, WD did not do a life test, endurance test or the result comes out not so good but they sell the product anyway.   The quality reputation is very important and I recommend WD Quality group will consider.  For my case, I will never buy any product from WD including Hard Drive

PD: You can be the next [deleted].

I had the same problem!!!
Yesterday I turned on my WD TV Live and the Power light started do blink and my TV dont even detect the device. Nothing appears on the screen. I pull reset button, unplugg the power cable, wait 5mins, turn back on… but nothing works!!
The device is completly death!!

I’m from Portugal and bought it it retail shop. My warranty passed away because I bought 2 years ago!!!
There isn’t any fix to this problem?