WDTV Live won't play MP3 on flash drive through amplifier

Hi. New to the site. Thank in advance for any help.

I have my WDTV hooked up to my tv via HDMI, and through my Dolby/DTS Amplifier via Fibre Optic cable.

When I plug in my flash drive to play MP3, I am not able to get any sound from my amplifier. It plays movies from its hard drive ok, but the sound is occasionally intermittent throught the amplifier. The sound is ok on the tv. What am i doing wrong, or settings I need to check?

To get audio the way you’re describing it, you need to make sure your audio mode is set to STEREO or Digital Passthrough through Optical Only.

You say you’re getting sound through your TV OK but not your Amp, which suggests to me that your audio mode is set to Digital Passthrough via HDMI.