WDTV Live won't boot after TV was shutdown

Hi everyone,

I’m using a WDTV Live. I’ve used my player since late through component cables, as i had an older tv and had no problems with it at all.
Now i’ve bought a new TV (Samsung UE40JU6550) and having now some issues with my player. When i shutdown the player aswell as the tv, the wdtv won’t be able to boot again with the remote. I have always to unplug it, so it can reboot.
If i don’t shutdown the tv, my wdtv is able to boot again after i send it to standby. so the problem is always, when my tv is shut down, the wdtv seems to freeze, as it won’t react to anything when i press the power botton on my remote.

After i rebooted it, the wdtv player also wents always to Composite (PAL) in the video settings, even though i’ve a good hdmi plugged in. I can change the hdmi settings again to 1080p that is no problem. The only problem is so, that the player freezes or can’t boot after i’ve shut down the tv and started it again. It seems it has any tv output problems or something?

So, what can i do to solve this problem? I have a lot of sheets on my harddiscs, so it costs so much time until it loaded everything up after the un-plug action. With my older tv i never had this problem and i hadn’t to unplug the player to be able to control it again.

maybe some expert has any idea for it. i really would appreciate any help. thank you very much in advance

Hi there,

Has the unit done this all the time? Try to reset the device to see if after resetting it the unit boots up normally. Here is a link that will help with the reset process: