WDTV Live with WD My Book Studio II

Dear All,

I have been using the WDTV for few years, and I recently bought a WDTV Live to take advantage of the network interface. I have a WD My Book Studio II, 6Tb, configured in Raid 1, and formatted with MacOS. 

As this is a big drive, there are many files in it.

Now I have two problems:

  1. The system hangs if I try to enable the media library. I tried to leave it running even also a weekend to see if it was only a matter of time, but with no results.

  2. When the system is not playing for a day or so, I have to reset the WDTV, as it does not see the content of the directories any more.

I read that this happens because the drive does not come out of standby fast enough, but I wonder, how is possible that two components of the same brand do no work together properly !!!

Is there a system to prevent the drive to go in standby at all ?

I would appreciate your comment and help.

Best Regards,


No inputs ? Please help !!!



you can run that large of a hard drive directly in the wdtv  i have issue just with a 2 and 3 tb drives and there not even plug into the device  i have been told the wdtv devices do not suport hard drives directly plug into the device i ene tried one of the usb back up drive two  500 gig drives in raid that did not help i have even tried pogoplug device and that has created many issue

The only input I can offer is that:


… doesn’t list the My Book Studio II as tested / compatible.