WDTV Live with WD Elements 2 Tb (General doubt)

Hi everyone, I’d like to know if any of you have the WD Elements (Desktop version) 2 Tb disk working with your WDTV Live… if you have, can you confirm:

  1. Do the WD Elements have any power light or something to show when it’s on (When it’s ON, not when it’s working) ?

  2. Do the WD Elements have any reading light ?

  3. Does anyone know if when you power down the WDTV Live, the WD Elements will power down too (Because it’s my understanding that the WDE disks do not have a power switch) ? If it does, do you think it’s safe to leave the disk always connected or is it better to unplug USB after using it ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi There

Answer for Q # 1 The WD Elements drive have a light  to ahow when is on and will flash when is working

for Q # 3 since I could understand exactly what you meant with the reading light : When you shut down the WD TV Live the drive will shut down as well but to avoid any inconvenience I’d recomend to eject the drive before turning off the device