WDTV Live with Linksys WRT610N

I am at a complete loss, after upgrading my home router to a Linksys WRT610N, when browsing ‘network shares’ on my WDTV the only ‘share’ I can see is a direct link to the router itself, none of the other computers at all appear within the network share, yet all are present under the media streaming option.

I wish for direct access to network share so i can play the items not available under media streaming.

I’ve reset the network, the router, the computer, basically tried everything i can think of, and now i am stumped.

Any suggestions that folks can think of? I wonder if there is something within the router settings I need to change, but frankly can’t find anything that appears wrong.

All the computers can see the WDTV and can indeed media stream to it, yet nothing is apparent on network shares.