WDTV Live With A NAS Drive

Got a bit fed up of having all my videos and music scattered across 2 pc’s and a external HD so i bought a D-Link 323 NAS box,

the problem being it appears under “network shares” but when i try and connect it gives me a "Can not access Network shares" or something simular.

but if i go to media section, it has my Dlink 323 listed again and it gives me Videos Audio Photos, but when i go under photos it only lists the .avi files but no MKV files? which pretty much the only reason i bought this device.

If was all working perfectly when i had files/folders shared on my PC’s and never had a issue with my USB HD connected to it.

any ideas or tips?

Pain in the Butt  Have the same problem, but found that if i simply repeatedly retried that after 3 or 4 or 5 tries it connected.  no idea why it won’t connect on the first try, 

Well apparently the Dlink 323 doesn’t support MKV files, that’s why you can’t see them from the WDTV, or any other DLNA client that you could connect to it. However a simple googling will reveal you that they’re working on it, or at list that’s what they say in their forum  http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=9536.0

Actually MKV is supported in the DNS-323 1.08 Beta release along with a few other previously unsupported file formats.  I know for sure the MKV works in the beta because I used it the other evening to watch a BR movie. :smiley: