WDTV Live - Will it play ISO with DVD Navigation


I want to be able to play my .iso images with DVD navigation.  On the website, it says that DVD navigation is included with the Live Plus model, but not the Live model.  I live in Canada and the Live Plus is not sold here, likely because Netflix isn’t available in Canada yet.

Then I downloaded the user manual is it is a combined manual for the LIVE & LIVE PLUS.  In the DVD Navigation section is mentions nothing about the “only for LIVE PLUS”.

Anyway, without going to a lot of effort to import the LIVE PLUS, I want to know if the LIVE model will play .iso with DVD navigation.

Thanks in advance,


Yes, it will, with BETA firmware.   The final firmware that supports it has not been released yet.

Thanks Tony! 

I tried to download a copy of the BETA firmware from the link in the firmware thread but it’s been taken offline.  Know of anywhere else I can find it?