Wdtv live wifi - questions

Just purchased the new WDTV LIVE. I have it connected to my 4tb NAS drive. The drive has all of my moves music etc.

I would like to purchase a 2nd WDTV LIVE for the upstairs bedroom and stream from the downstairs  4tb NAS/WDTV Live to upstairs.   Can I do that? Is there a better option? IS there also a guide for me to follw when doing all of this?

Yes, you can do that and setup would be pretty much the same as it would be for the first unit, you should set a different Device Name for the 2nd unit though.

i m already setting  up the theme  Black mamba 1.5

Tin meant that the names for each device shoudl be different.  Also, there does seem to be an issue with two SMPs or HUBs accesing the same NAS. You may want to read these two articles written by TonyPh12345.

WARNING: If you have two or more HUBS or Live-SMP’s …

Two or more Hubs or SMPs will cause Media Library Corruption on NAS shares.

Note that I do not use a NAS so have not encountered these issues. I just recalled reading Tony’s posts so am  adding the links here for you.

Good luck