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Hi Guys,

I have two TVs that have been running WDTV Lives for quite a while now. All my media is on a NAS, so the WDTVs access that share. I had trouble with folder images showing up as files when navigating around the share, so i used the workaround of making every image .folder.jpg (with the first period making it hidden to the WDTV Live).

I’ve just got a third TV for a dedicated Home Theatre and decided to buy the latest WDTV Live SMP. When I set it up and looked at the NAS share, I’m not getting any folder icons. Does the new WDTV Live SMP not handle the “hidden” files the same way as the old Devices, or do I need to do a rescan or something? If it just doesn’t like the .folder.jpgs, is there any resolution so I can run the old devices and the new devices and solve both problems?

Hopefully someone can give me some good advice, thanks for your time.


This is almost certainly not the answer to YOUR problem, but when adding folder.jpg filesn I find I need to go into settings and switch media library to off.  Then switch it back to on.  Otherwise my WDTV Live doesn’t find them.

Worth a try, and something to rule out.

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You’re correct.   The WD SMP handles JPG files “Correctly” in that regard – there’s no need to hide them.  

However, my understanding is that the latest “Beta” version of firmware for the WDTV Live and Live Plus also corrects that issue.  

Might be worth a try if the beta download is still available.

And if it does work, you can just unhide the jpgs and all will be well.

The OTHER option is just to use a METATHUMB file, which is what the SMP and Hub prefer.

Just copy your folder.jpg to a file called


where something is the same name as one of the video files.

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Thanks guys,

I also had an issue with my share, and after I fixed that the thumbs worked, so I guess this was a wasted post. I appreciate the prompt response and suggestions though. Long time lurker, and WD user and more than happy with the devices and community. Cheers