WDTV Live WDTV differences?

Just a quick question, what is the differences between the WDTV Live and normal 1080p player? Apart from the fact you can connect to the internet with WDTV Live. Does the Live version have a faster forward function/skip certain number of minutes rather than using the slow forward function on the normal player?

Connecting to ANYTHING on the network (not just the Internet) so you can share files off of the computer, or use Media Servers is the BIG thing compared to the original players, as is DVD support (which is still in Beta testing.)

Yes, the LIVE has a SKIP function (forward or backward 10 minutes).   If you Fast Forward using the >> key, then the "Next Key, like >>|  it will jump 10 minutes.

If you’re watching DVD via ISOs, the skip buttons go to the next or previous chapter.

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And another difference, actually the main, is you have the best support out there…

Look…look at Tony for example :slight_smile: