WDTV Live vs Live Plus?

I have a WDTV live that I bought at Best Buy to stream videos from my PC.  I love it.  I want to get one for another TV in the house.  I went to best buy to pick another up, and now they have both a WDTV Live and a WDTV Live Plus… what threw me off is the WDTV Live is $99, the WDTV Live Plus is $79… normally you would think adding PLUS to something makes it better hehe, but its $20 less expensive.  I love the WDTV Live that I have, but I wanted to check and see what the differences are (I looked at their product pages on WD web site and couldn’t find many differences) and which one I should be getting.  I dont want to buy the cheaper one and end up being unhappy with what I got (but again, usually I would expect the PLUS to be a step above the one I already have).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the way WD named the devices, it’s very confusing which product is which.

The WDTV Live HD Media Player was released in 2009.

The WDTV Live Plus was released in Summer 2010.

The WDTV Live Hub was released in Fall of 2010.

The WDTV Live Streaming Media Player was released in Fall 2011.

So chances are, you’re comparing the OLD Live Plus to the NEW Live Streaming Media Player.

I stopped by best buy and you are correct, the one IS the streaming player, which is the one I already have.  I’m happy with that one so I’ll just grab another of those.

Thanks for helping to clear it up!