WDTV Live video problems

For the last month or so, whenever playing videos on my WDTV Live (1.02.24), the video will do a “mini” fast forward on it’s own and lose sync with the audio once it returns to regular speed.  It can be fixed by doing a short rewind, but occasionally the video will just stop playing all together, but the time line will still behave like the video is playing.  If that happens, no videos can be played until a reset is done.  Also, the menus will turn from blue to a green color (like something is wrong with the component cables).  All the videos are mpg’s made by me:  recorded shows from my tv tuner card on my pc.  I’ve tried defragging the hard drive (which it definitely needed), but it didn’t change anything.  Previous to this happening, I never had a problem playing anything.

Anyone else seen this behavior or have a fix?

Can you post the MediaInfo for one of your files?


Mediainfo would help.  It does sound like something I went through with some of the stuff I’ve encoded where the framerate went south on me.  I used MKVMerge to fix the files, but mine were mkv files as opposed to yours being mpg as the file format.