WDTV Live v1 - The box will randomly cut out/lose signal, then wont power off or on when unplugged

As in the title really. Will go on for a little while, then lose signal and the power light will remain solid and not power off via the remote. When i unplug the power, it wont power on at first, but unplugging/plugging back in a few times it will power on, resulting in the same problem 5 mins later when it loses signal on the tv.

Its not a power issue as i have tried 3 working power adaps.

Any help?

Have tried restoring to factory settings aswell.

I’m sorry to say this but, it looks like your WD TV is about to die. My old Gen 2 was doing the same before it fail.

Mine seems to cut power to tv once in while. Just for a flicker and tv reshows setting. Does that mean unit is going bad also?