WDTV Live Trouble When Hooked to an External Hard Drive

I turn both the WDTV Live box on and the external hard drive on and the WDTV Live device just continues to scan and scan the external hard drive forever. The device keeps on blinking and blinking. I try to watch something and it eventually goes back to one of the menus. What is happening here? I downloaded and installed a recent batch of firmware just last week and it seemed to work fairly well after that, but I am having the exact same problem again. Has anyone had this problem and/or what should I do (other than take the device back to the store)? This device has never been very reliable since the day I bought it actually. Quite unstable. Turning itself off, going back to a menu in the middle of a movie, not saving where I had left off in a program etc. 

At the very least I’d try turning off the media library (in your settings) and see if things don’t improve.

In order to eliminate the drive from the equation it would be helpful if you had some other drive (even a flash drive) that you could try temporarily just to see if things don’t improve.  And, as always after a firmware update, it will help to reset to factory conditions and do a power off (pull the power plug rather than press the power button while its still on).

If you still have issues even after trying a different drive and resetting the unit, it might be a defective Live unit.

I turned off the Media Library in System Settings and things are now working swimmingly. Thank you mkelley!