WDTV Live, time has come

Dear WDTV Live SMP,

it’s hard to say, but I break it off.

I gave you almost a year to work on you, but you treated me like I’m an i&§$t.

All the problems, they still exist. You didn’t listen…

RSS won’t refresh automatically, NFS is still impossible to use and your media library is still soooo slow. My grandma with 92 can run a marathon faster than you let me browse through your library.

Maybe you will end up as my paperweight, don’t know yet. And maybe we two see each other again, when you have learned that I’m, the customer, who pays for you, can not be treated like this.

I know, these are hard words but I think it’s better to break off right here.

So I wish you all the best!


The WDTV has it good side also, it’s not all bad. :wink: