WDTV LIVE through SLINGBOX Pro HD - Need Remote, or compatible remote suggestion for Slingbox

My WDTV LIVE is working fine as connected to my Slingbox ProHD box.  The video is streaming through Slingbox, no problem. 

However, there is NO Western Digital REMOTE options in the Slingbox setup menu. 

Does anyone have a suggestion as to which remote will be compatible?  There must be hundreds, or thousands, listed on at Slingbox and it would take forever to get one that matched best. 


Well I think this has been discussed before here

there is a virtual remote that you can use ( onscreen ) 

there’s also remote apps for android and apple devices

You might ask on the Sling forums.

Perhaps someone has “Skinned” the WD remote.   But I don’t know, cuz my Slingbox is attached to my TiVo. :slight_smile:

Same here!!! I would be interested in your findings, using the slinbox remote is like watching paint dry :frowning: